manatees and dugongs ! 11/15

Marvelous Manatees

Manatees are lovely and sweet animals. Manatees love fresh water, and they live close to rivers and streams that have vegetation. Manatees are herbivores that have teeth that get so ground down that they have to drop the old and grow new ones. This helps them so much. Manatees are a minority species in the United States. The scientific name for them is Trichecus and are in the porpoise family. They have always been gentle and loving to each other. How babies find their mother is by their whiskers and the vibration signaling from their mother’s whiskers.

Memory is very very important for every animal. Manatees are amazing and graceful, but can be dangerous. Manatees can stay underwater for 20 minutes and swim up to 20 miles an hour. With being underwater, they use lots of energy.  They can swim because of the platypus tail. Manatees are endangered from boaters. Some manatees lose the mothers from boaters. Manatees sometimes eat trash or fish hooks that can kill the them.


Dugongs are animals that are related to the m

    Manatees spend most of their time in saltwater more than freshwater. Dugongs are have more of porpoise’s tale then a platypus’ tale. Dugongs love to be in warmer water and like to live in East Africa and Australia. They eat also vegetation, but can spend less time in the water. The dugongs are mammals and have live birth too. They are endangered for the same reason as the manatees. They are also poached. How come the dugongs have more a cup like  mouth? Why do  manatees eat plants ? How can I help?

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  1. Dear,maddy i like the way you started your essay with a sentence that will catch a readers eye. I wonder where on the endangered scale are manatees? let me know!
    sincerely, jack

  2. Dear Maddy,
    I love your blogs, they are so informational. I did not even know that a Dungongs was a thing much less an animal. Where Do Dungongs live?
    Sincerely Molly 🙂

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