Physical and chemical change 1/31/21

In the previous weeks we have been learning about how to be a forensic scientist. Mrs. shane  set up a whole murder, and we did really cool test that used the laws of physics. One that was so much fun was when we used a a flame and different pieces of fibers from the murder scene and test what would happen to them when they hit the flame. The first step was to place the fiber near the flame. If the fiber got flammable, that meant it had a chemical property. Then you place the fiber into the flame, if it changes colors or state that means it probably has a physical property, but if it completely dissolves that means it is a chemical property.The second step is to get the residue and find out the different smells they have. Even though that seems like something you could pass up or forget to do, it actually is a really important step because it can  make a difference in how you identify the fiber. After you do the first test, you move onto the second test which uses microscopes and the samples of the fibers. You put the fiber onto a microscope and see every little fiber in it.

This test really was fun and helped me understand physical and chemical properties. It also really made me think about how everyday things use physical and chemical properties. Like how scientists use chemical properties to find the differences in the substance. How I will use chemical and physical properties is by baking or making art. One thing that was a fun fact I found out was when you put a chemical on blood, the chemical will turn the blood pink. It made me think about blood physical properties, which really was interesting. I loved the test we have been doing because it is a really good way to find chemical and physical properties. 


What chemical  is the one that changes blood into a pink color?


Can you ever change something from turning into malleability ?


You find the properties without doing experiment?

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  1. I am so glad you liked this activity and I feel you really learned a lot. Your question about the malleability of something being changed got me thinking. I believe some things will become more malleable when you heat them up. I think you could reshape many things this way. I hope this answers your question!

  2. Hi, Maddie
    I really like how you explained the activity. I do have a question; Are you accusing Shane of murder?
    From, The Name Above This Comment

  3. Hi Morley,
    Thank you for the nice comment. I was not saying that Mrs. Shane was the murderer, but that she had set up the murder and made it all up. But I do see how you could get confused when I said, ‘’ When Mrs.Shane set up the whole murder.’’ I didn’t mean to say that Mrs.Shane did it.

    Your friend,

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