12/3/ 2020 Giraffes forever.

Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata, which is most commonly named giraffes, are one of the many amazing animals in savanna. Giraffes have long legs that  are very graceful. The biggest chartictic is that they are 6 foot tall and have 7 neck bones.. They also have long eyelashes that protect them from needles on branches. Every Giraffe has a different pattern. It is so entertaining to watch them, because they are like a different  fingerprint. Giraffes also have horns called ossicones. All sexes of giraffes have them.In the savanna the giraffes move a lot. They don’t have a exact place because, the do not have behavioral problems and get very well with each other. Giraffe’s home land can be between 50 to 8 square miles. I t is normal for them, because they can eat most everything. Giraffe’s love the hot sun in the savanna. They also live in open spaces so they can flee from predators.Giraffes Are herbivores they mostly eat from acacia trees and will eat most of the shoots and the leaves.  Cows, which are baby giraffes, eat mostly low fiber food until it is grown.

Giraffes are very important to the ecosystem. Their niche is to eat the leaves and let the tree grow. They also help other animal,because when they eat the leaves, it warns them of predators and their surroundings.They are considered prey because they are very vulnerable and animals like lions, hyenas eat them.they get kill from predators a lot, and the cows will be the biggest one to be killed. Giraffes  Abduction is that they have thick strong tissue  that protects them from needles that are on the branches and  it has long eyelashes to protect them from the thorns. They also have long legs that make it really hard to drink water but, they have adapted this way of drinking by pulling front legs and drinking from there.Some really cool facts about giraffes, is they do not have not just a walk but a galop. The pace starts with the front huffs moving together ,the back ones will push off and the motion will go right into the gallope. They will also tilt their head  to maintain balance. Giraffes gestation time will be up to 15 months , they will have their cows in the drought seasons and they will weigh 220 pounds and are 6 feet tall. Giraffes were painted on tomes that were painted by Egyptations .  Another awesome thing is that  when the cow is first born the mother will have mother and baby time. In this time the mom will quarantine the cow and learn it’s sent, after that the mother will go back to the group and the baby will follow another baby and will make a  daycare,and when the cow is hurt the mother will step over the cow and then she will kick the predator till it baby is protected.


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