Pillar coral !! 5/8/2021

In class this week we have been learning about different types of coral. The type of coral my group and I have been researching is Pillar Coral. Pillar Cora’l’s scientific name is Dendrogyra Cylindrus. Most commonly found in the Atlantic ocean ,Caribbean Sea,and the Florida sea. Pillar Coral has heavy skylander spires that structuralize on a base of an uncrusted mass. In a colony, they can hold a weight of 3 meters and the lengths of the pillars are 10 cm. Pillar Coral has a symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae, which automatically makes food for the pillar coral by using  photophinses. They also use their photosifices to make energy, which forms carbon compounds.but they also eat zooplankton. Pillar Coral spawning is during the middle of August, and is one week after a full moon. The pillar coral releases sperm and egg out into the water, which then turn into swimming larva. The settles on available land  and metabolites pools then to colonies.pillar corral is threatened by, bleaching,climate changes,hurricanes,and diseases.

Pillar Coral is such an interesting and amazing piece of the reef and your world. How I would use my newfound learning is to protect and teach people of this interesting pillar of coral and to show how important it is in your ecosystem. Learning about Pillar Coral is really cool and made me feel like I have more interest in coral reefs. Pillar Coral are threatened and needs to be protected. If we do not learn more about coral reefs, then they will cease to be real. We need more protection over our coral reefs and the mammals that are around them.  I want to help coral reefs by reducing plastics and forests so that we can have them in the future. And I can’t wait to see them return back to normal. 


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