This week we have been researching coral reef animals. I have been researching the Leafy Sea Dragon. The Leafy Sea Dragon is a small type of fish that is more related to pipefish, the sea  seahorse, and they are as small as a tea cup. The scientific name for Leafy Sea Dragon is Phycodurus Eques, which means Leafy Sea Dragon. Leafy Sea dragons eat small crustaceans and plankton by slurping up them with their sushen cup mouths. The Leafy Sea Dragon can grow  up to 13.8 inches. Leafy sea dragons are restricted to the southern coast of Australia and they live in seagrass beds and rocky reefs. Leafy Sea Dragons use their leafy algae to look and to camouflage from their predators. They also rely on camouflage, because they are very bad at swimming. Male Leafy Sea Dragons take care of the fertilized eggs, but instead of caring for them in a pouch they place them under their tails. The male gives the baby’s oxygen by an organ nearby. Leafy Sea Dragons when they are newly born do not get care from their parents. 

Leafy Sea Dragons really interest me because most people don’t know that they are really creatures. It was surprising to see how they have the same adaptation as a normal Seahorse, but are more related to pipefish. It also amazed how they nurture their young and then leave them out in the wild. I think I would use my new knowledge about Leafy Sea dragons to help them grow more and for people to know these amazing endangered creatures. Leafy sea dragons are a beautiful and rare species that need to be explored. One day I hope that people will see how we really need to take care of our oceans and the tiny creatures that live inside. We should all take care of Leafy Sea Dragons!


How come leafy Sea Dragons live in southern  Australia ?


Why are Leafy sea Dragons so like seahorses but are more related to pipefish?


What is their niche in the coral reef?

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