9/27 Mountain Lions!

In class we talked about how the ecosystem with the fire is changing the mountain lion mating cycle. The fires that are burning in California are affecting the lions in the Santa Monica Mountains and the Simi Hills. But the fire didn’t make death, it made life. Five female mountain lions produced thirteen baby cubs over the

Portrait baby cougar, mountain lion or puma

months of May and August of 2020. Female mountain lions live very close to males and will mate, but the estrus period was the most common mating time. The feeling of danger may have made the mountain lions group together and made them mate with each other. The birth of all the cubs was miraculous and grand. They may be animal that kill us, but they give us new things to think about. The first fire was the Wooley fire two years ago, and the mountain lions are still hurt from the loss of landscape. Mountain lions are a rare and an endangered species that need to be thought about. Ecology has a big impact in our lives, and if we don’t think about it, it will all go away. Ms. Shane showed us that some people are thinking of animals and some are thinking of themselves. I’ve learned something very important and that is that ecology is something that everyone should learn and that mountain lions won’t give up.

A mountain lion mother with her cubs.

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